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Party Time Ball Pond - 74 CA

8x8 Inflatable Ball Pond

Watch those little ones stare in total amazement at this beautiful ball pool, with its stunning party time balloons and stars visuals. An array of multicoloured balls awaits them and the adults are sure to get as much entertainment watching the children as they do playing in it.

Ball pools fit right in a child-centred events such as toddler and pre-school end of term parties and as a way to create a dedicated toddler area at public events such as country fairs and fundraisers.

Team this ball pool with something from our wide choice of add on toy hire products. These will boost their play factor x 10 at any tiny tot event, with a wide range of colourful animal hoppers, build it bricks and vehicle hoppers to choose from. Ideal choices for nursery treat days, family christenings and birthday parties.

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Day Hire For   £65*
Overnight Hire   +£15*
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   * * * * *
2 Consecutive Days   £100*
3 Consecutive Days   £100*




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