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Rodeo Christmas Pud

Redo Christmas Pud

Rodeo Christmas Pudding Hire in Surrey & Berkshire

Christmas is here and its time to feast your eyes on this rodeo pudding!

We’ve all been there; beaten by Christmas pudding after a massive plate full of Christmas dinner, when you just can’t cram in another mouthful. Well, now’s your chance to take revenge by getting even with that evil pudding in the ultimate rematch in our rodeo ring.

Our rodeo Christmas pudding gives the traditional rodeo bull a full festive makeover with all the trimmings, including crisp white icing and a seasonal sprig of holly. It all looks tasty enough, until you climb on board and the stomach churning ride begins. Can you cling on until Christmas, or will it throw you off like discarded wrapping paper? Will it be your turn to beat the pudding, or will it be Christmas dinner all over again?

This highly unusual and original ride is one of our festive favourites, adding huge fun to your office Christmas party or seasonal celebration with friends and family. It’s also loads of fun at the school Christmas fair too, raising lots of laughs as well as generous donations to your Christmas cause.

Naturally, your rodeo Christmas pudding comes with a fully trained operator, to make sure everyone is safe and sound, and is surrounded by an inflatable crash mat for when you inevitably hit the ground. Even so, we don’t recommend this ride for anyone under ten or under 1.1m tall.

If you’ve got the crowd and the space, why not double up with our rodeo Rudolph, or hit the snowy slopes with our snowboard simulator. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a Christmas party that will go down in history as one of the funniest ever!

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Hire From (3 Hours)   £345*
Additional Hours   +£30
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