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Pillow Bash - 61 IWL

Pillow Bash
Pillow Bash Pillow Bash Pillow Bash Pillow Bash

Pillow Bash Hire in Surrey & Berkshire

Pillow bash is the perfect competition for anyone 7 and up!

Entertain your kids, and let them play around in a friendly pillow fight. The eye-catching blue and green inflatable ring is sure to turn some curious heads! Our inflatable pillow-fighting ring is easy to set up. It comes equipped with red and blue pillows for hilarious battles, and photo-worthy moments! We place safety first, and include a set of padded helmets, so the party stays fun and safe for your kids.

Entertain your kids for their birthday party, and set the inflatable pillow bash arena up in your garden. It’s also perfect for fundraising events, and you can offer fun prizes for the top gladiator! You can also take the party indoors for your next funfair or company fun day, and excite your kids with an inflatable pillow fighting experience!

Looking for a different type of inflatable product for your kids? Our classic line of inflatable bouncy castles offers something for everyone! Try out princess jump and slide to give your daughter and her friends a fun-filled birthday celebration. We also offer a slightly larger princess dragon castle to accommodate larger parties. Children of all ages will love our inflatable Twister game. The classic game is sure to please and test every child’s balancing skills! If your crowd of guests is a little older, offer them a fun test of skill with our bungee run – a bungee chord game to test your strength and determination!

Have a look at our other products, too! We also offer fun for adults. Take a peek at our rodeo products. Rodeo bull hire is a fun way to let your guests blow off some steam and test their balancing skills! We also offer a great line of carnival snack machines to feed your party guests in an entertaining way.

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Day Hire From   £120*
Overnight Hire   +£25*
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2 Consecutive Days   £210*
3 Consecutive Days   £300*