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Gladiator Duel - 25 IWL

Gladiator Duel
Gladiator Duel Inflatable Gladiator Duel Inflatable Gladiator Duel Hire Blue Gladiator Duel Inside Gladiator Duel Inside Inflatable Gladiator Duel

Gladiator Duel Hire in Surrey & Berkshire

Take your place on your podium inside this inflatable arena!

And then try to knock your opponent onto the inflatable bed and be the last man standing! Wearing a head guard and using foam-filled jousts you can really let your inner gladiator let rip. Keep our gladiator bed overnight for just an additional £25 and a £100 refundable deposit. We will leave the unit with you overnight and collect it the next morning instead.

Gladiator jousts are a real spectator sport and are well suited to events where there’ll be plenty of people to crowd round the attraction and cheer the contestants on such as family fun days and galas. Or perhaps your arranging a staff reward day for your company? They’ll certainly thank you for hiring this as part of the day to give them a real break from the daily grind.

Take a look at our rock n roll gladiator joust which has the added twist of moving podiums! You may also be interested in our Sumo suits and our inflatable bungee runs. For the younger children and toddlers we offer a wide range of bouncy castles and soft play so no one is left out of the fun.

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Day Hire From   £125*
Overnight Hire   +£25*
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   * * * * *
Any 2 Consecutive Days   £215*
Any 3 Consecutive Days   £305*