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Dino Jump & Slide - 15 AQ

Dino Box Jump & Slide Bouncy Castle
Dino Box Jump & Slide Bouncy Castle Dino Box Jump & Slide Bouncy Castle Slide Front Dino Box Jump & Slide Bouncy Castle Outside Right Dino Box Jump & Slide Bouncy Castle

Dino Jump & Slide Hire in Surrey & Berkshire

From big old Barney to The Land that Time Forgot...

...from Ice Age to the Flintstones, dinosaurs have always held a fascination for kids of all ages. Which means that our dino jump and slide for hire in Surrey, Berkshire and Middlesex is going to go down in history, making your kids’ party a roaring success!

All their favourites are here, delightfully decorated all round the outside of the castle and in spectacular style across the back wall inside too. Just watch them through the net side panels and you’ll soon see how excited they are by this brilliant bouncy castle.

Not only does it have a safe and fully enclosed bouncing area, complete with a shower proof roof, you’ll also get a built in slide out of the front for added thrills.
Dinosaurs are popular with boys and girls of all ages, so the dino jump and slide is ideal for mixed parties like end of term treats at school or family celebrations. And their broad appeal means you’ll make so much more money if you hire one for your charity function or church fete.
Alternatively, take a look at our jungle jump and slide castle, which also has broad age and gender appeal, or our princess jump and slide for girls only groups like brownies.

At 18ft by 12ft, this is one of our larger bouncy castles, so please check you have the space before you book. You’ll need 26ft by 16½ft of room, and if you want to set it up inside, you’ll need at least a10ft ceiling clearance too. But don’t worry if it won’t fit; we’ve got dozens of other amazing bouncy castles to choose from. Talk to our friendly team today to find the best bouncy castle for your group, your site and your budget.

If you would like to book our dino jump & slide castle please complete the enquiry form on our contact us page, or get in touch by calling us on 01483 912992. Plus don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, to see all of our latest news.


Day Hire From   £100*
Overnight Hire   +£20*
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   * * * * *
2 Consecutive Days   £155*
3 Consecutive Days   £155*




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