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Children's Sumo Suits

Childrens Sumo Suits

Children's Sumo Suit Hire in Surrey & Berkshire

Get your phones and cameras ready, because these children’s sumo suits are pure YouTube gold!

As long as you can stop laughing long enough to film them that is! Hugely padded to look the part, they offer full protection for your kids as they do battle in the inflatable sumo wrestling ring, which comes as part of the package.

Pit red against blue, then watch as they waddle forward to try and wrestle each other out of the ring or onto the floor. It’s great fun for the kids, and even more fun for the audience as the two inflatable fatties bounce off each other time and time again.

Inflatable sumo sets are perfect for both indoor and outdoor party fun, so you can enjoy the wrestling whatever the weather, and they are a great fundraiser as a pay-to-play attraction at open days, summer fetes and other charity events.

Naturally, we put safety first and each suit is fully inflated and flexible enough to fit and protect most children from ages 7 to 11. They also included a neck brace and a padded helmet to ensure they stay safe as they bumble and tumble around.

Inflatable kids sumo suits are ideal for kids that have outgrown ball pools and soft play, but aren’t quite big enough for our adult inflatable games like rock n roll gladiator or human table football.

These bouncy battles are hilarious to watch, and you can even have a go yourself with adult Sumo suits for the grown ups, and family sumo suit sets, with two adult and two child suits. For a contemporary twist, try our inflatable Angry Birds suits, for 13s and over, with all the madness and mayhem of the famous video game that became a major motion picture.

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Day Hire From   £75*
Overnight Hire   +£20*
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Any 2 Consecutive Days   £120*
Any 3 Consecutive Days   £120*