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Tots Toy Box - 43 IWL

Tots Toy Box
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Tots Toy Box Ball Pool Hire in Berkshire & Surrey

This eye-catching ball pool is always popular with the youngsters!

Adorned as it is with a whole host of toybox favourites such as alphabet blocks, ragdolls and charming soft toys. Once the little ones have clambered inside, they are met with endless opportunities of imaginative play – soft blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes to stack, soft rockers to see-saw on and a block of foam filled steps to climb up. Add to this the ball pool filled with blue and green plastic balls and you’re guaranteed to have the little ones occupied for hours.

If you’re planning your child’s birthday celebration in your community hall then our toybox inflatable would be ideal. Perhaps you’re organising a school fundraiser in the village hall? Why not use this product to create a toddler friendly area so that they’re kept as happy as the older children and adults who will most likely already be provided for.

This toybox and our ride on toys are perfect bedfellows to provide even more energetic fun. If you need something to keep older children entertained then you’ll definitely want to look at our fantastic range of bouncy castles, and there’s no excuses for leaving the adults out either as we also have bouncy castles suitable for adults!

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Any 2 Consecutive Days   £260*
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