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Big Blue Ball Pond - 3 IWL

Big Blue Inflatable Ball Pond
Big Blue Inflatable Ball Pond Big Blue Inflatable Ball Pond Hire Inside Big Blue Ball Pond Balls Big Blue Ball Pond

Big Blue Ball Pool Hire in Surrey & Berkshire

This generously sized ball pool really sets off your party theme...

Adorned as it is with balloons and party streamers. A sea of multi-colured plastic balls awaits those who who’re ready to dive in!

Balls pools are popular with both toddlers and their parents who know they can relax knowing that the little ones are playing in safety. If you have a lot of young guests coming to your christening party then ball pools are ideal and because of their relatively small footprint they can be accommodated easily into all venues. Perhaps you are a pre-school looking to treat the children to something a little different to play with? They’ll certainly thank you for booking this ball pool.

Ball pools work well with larger inflatables such as bouncy castles and inflatable slides. Why not add some ride on motorbikes to your order so that the children can whizz around your venue? For something to amuse the adults, browse our range of rodeo rides which come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and themes!

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Day Hire For   £70*
Overnight Hire   +£15*
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   * * * * *
Any 2 Consecutive Days   £110*
Any 3 Consecutive Days   £110*




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