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Adult Sumo Suits

Adult Sumo Suits

Adult Sumo Suit Hire in Surrey & Berkshire

These adult sumo suits are plenty of fun for ages 14 and up!

For the young and old adults at your next family reunion, set up the sumo wrestling ring for buckets of laughs and memories. The two padded suits come equipped with neck braces and a fully padded helmet to protect against the most vicious of sumo tackles! Watch your friends and family battle it out in the 12 foot padded ring as they waddle around in costume.

The adult sumo suits are perfect for your next corporate fundraiser. Inject some play in to your event, and watch your colleagues bounce around fighting each other! Take the fun inside on a dreary day, and keep the fun going at your next product launch or milestone celebration. Maybe your teenager wants to have a hilarious birthday party filled with memories? Set up the Sumo suits and ring, and have them and their friends enjoy an afternoon of laughs and friendly competition!

We offer the same excitement for kids with our children’s Sumo suits. Entertain your kids with these suits, and be ready to take hilarious photos! Alternatively, take a look at our other fun inflatable products for the adult crowd. Our surfboard simulator and snowboard simulator test your skills as you pretend you’re a world-class boarder!

Are you looking for something that’s still fun, and even easier to set up? Check out our line of food products! Our popcorn machine provides a classic carnival snack for your guests with the munchies. Our candy floss machine offers a sweet and entertaining show for guests at your next corporate event. Alternatively, you could throw in some excitement and competition with one of our many rodeo machines. Rodeo bull hire is perfect as a way to throw some friendly competition into your next event.

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Day Hire From   £95*
Overnight Hire   +£20*
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Any 2 Consecutive Days   £160*
Any 3 Consecutive Days   £160*